Paradise 9 are Gregg McKella on main vocals, guitar, glissando guitar, clarinet and space FX's, Neil Matthars on bass, Tyrone Thomas (Olympic Clamp Down/ex-Alternative TV) on lead guitar and backing vocals and Jonas Golland on drums and backing vocals.

The band, have had a busy year, headlining many festivals including Kozfest, Tannerfest, and were second headliners at Green Gathering, and on the Toadhall stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival. The band welcomed Jonas as their new drummer in July, stepping straight into the headline slot at Tannerfest 2014. This followed the departure of drummer Carl Sampson after 9 years, with singer and percussionist Jaki Windmill also moving on after 4 years, concentrating on her new role with the Pink Fairies. Their live sets regularly feature guests' performances including Nik Turner (Space Ritual/Inner City Unit/Space Gypsy/Project 9) sax/flute, Kev Ellis (Dubbal/ Gregg & Kev) on harmonica, Angel Flame - dancer (Arthur Brown/Space Ritual), Micro Cosmic (Sacred Geometry) on synths, Steve Carvey on daburka drum, Nik Nimbus (ex-Here & Now) drums, Ron Tree (Hawklords/ex-Hawkwind/ex-MOAB) vocals, and Jeanette Murphy backing vocals and percussion, to name a few. [See Guest Musicians]

The late great Judge Trev Thoms (Inner City Unit), who sadly passed away December 2010 occasionally guested for Paradise 9 on lead guitar. Judge Trev played guitar on two tracks on their 2013 album 'TAKE ME TO THE FUTURE' with Nik Turner also playing flute and sax on the title track. Further contributions on the album included Jeanette Murphy on backing vocals, and Steve Teers on backing vocals and djembe